participating artists:

Anatoliy Kharkhurin, Angelique Panday, Anton Laiko, Heinz Prantner, Leonid Sokhranski, Lev Khesin, Roman Wolgin, Sergey Pakhomov, Wolf Song

LEIZE JENIUS residence
Soldinerstr. 103,  13359 Berlin


Painting as a mode of creative expression has lost its merit in contemporary art. Moreover, the artistic paradigm has drastically shifted from painting toward other more technological forms of artistic expression. Painting has been even proclaimed dead. Is it dead indeed? Or it has undergone important transformations to re-emerge on the contemporary art scene? The purpose of this exhibition is to investigate the phenomenon of painting. Presented works explore the painting in the variety of its facets ranging from its ontological, epistemological and conceptual aspects to its location in the multidimensional matrix of contemporary art.

Lazy Contemplation