No brain no pain

participating artists:

Anatoliy Kharkhurin, Anton Laiko, Chatschatur Kanajan, Igor Zeidel, Kanta Kimura, Leonid Sokhranski, Natalia Fentisova, Sergey Pakhomov, Tamara Teneta, Wolf Song

LEIZE JENIUS  residence
Soldinerstr. 103,  13359 Berlin


Modern science ascribes ontological primacy of the psyche to the brain. It is believed that complete understanding of the human brain, it’s structure and functions, would reveal everything about an individual’s personality, behavior, motivations, emotions, and creativity. Enclosed in this phenomenological framework, scientists frantically design newer and newest devices measuring the brain and use these devices to accumulate more and more evidence about the brain. Despite this longitudinal massive scientific enterprise, no answers about the nature of human psyche has been provided. Moreover, science seems to reach its ontological cul-de-sac. However, the problem is obvious. The origins of human existence lay beyond the instrumental capacities of scientific methods. The origins of the psyche can be found in human spirituality, which falls beyond the boundaries of our conscious experience. This project entertains the idea of spiritual origins of human nature.