participating artists:

Allan Bestle, Anton Laiko, Chatschatur Kanajan, Dennis Tuomi, Detlef Kissel, Håkon Engesæth Danielsen, Heather Allen, Igor Zeidel, Leonid Sokhranski, Maarten Kools, Mads Parsum, Maria Marshall, Natalia Fentisova, Patrick Jambon, Sieva Diamantakos, Thomas Henriksson, Wolf Song

Projektraum BLAH BLAH

Soldinerstr. 103, 13359 Berlin



When you see a painting at an exhibition, you experience an incoming ASSAULT. Collision with the new, incomprehensible reality of the painting is perceived as an ASSAULT and only later as a PENETRATION. For over a century, a new description of reality and visual art bombards the viewer.
This is the INCURSION