participating artists:

Anatoliy Kharkhurin, Anton Laiko, Daniel Bragin, Heinz Prantner, Igor Zeidel, Kanta Kimura, Leonid Sokhranski, Lev Kazachenko, Maarten Kools, Murray Turpin, Roman Wolgin, Sergey Pakhomov, Wolf Song

LEIZE JENIUS residence
Soldinerstr. 103, 13359 Berlin


This exhibition presents a first phase of a large project aiming to employ artistic media to raise awareness about people’s mental illnesses. We all have psychological issues haunting us in different stages of our life. Some of us were unfortunate to develop these issues into clinical case. They need our attention, compassion, and help. This exhibition presents bipolar disorder. This psychological disorder produces wild mood fluctuations that range from manic state to depressed state. It cannot be cured, but with proper treatment and care from the others, people with bipolar disorder can have a balanced life.