Wolf Son

Born: 1965 Sankt Petersburg.  lives and works in Berlin since 2004

from 2014 founder, director, artist,  at LEIZE JENIUS

(an international art initiative)

solo exhibitions:

2018  Exhibition «Deadline»

Werkhalle Wiesenburg,  Berlin

group exhibitions:

2019 Exhibition  «INVASIO»

BLAH BLAH Projektraum, Berlin

2018 Exhibition  «LEIZE JENIUS in Copenhagen»

House of culture Bloomy Hobnob, Copenhagen

2017 Exhibition «LEIZE JENIUS in the Wiesenburg»

Werkhalle Wiesenburg,  Berlin

2017 Exhibition «Artists»

BLAH BLAH Projektraum, Berlin

2017 Exhibition  «MaDamm — Mariendorf Art Foundation Launch»

Mariendorfer Damm 222, 12107 Berlin

2017 Exhibition «CONFLICT»

Neighborhood house, Helmholtzplatz 0, Berlin

2017 Exhibition «Artists»

LEIZE JENIUS residence, Berlin

2017 Exhibition «No brain no pain»

LEIZE JENIUS residence, Berlin

2016 Exhibition «Painting»

LEIZE JENIUS residence, Berlin

2016 Exhibition «Bipolar»

LEIZE JENIUS residence, Berlin

2016 Exhibition «Girls Girls Girls»

Revalerstr. 99, Berlin

2015 Exhibition «Save the date»

LEIZE JENIUS residence Berlin

2015 Exhibition «Showcase»,

Danzigerstrasse 1, Berlin

2015 Exhibition «Curni Curator 2»

Neu West Berlin Gallery, Berlin

2015 Exhibition «Curni Curator»

LEIZE JENIUS residence, Berlin

2014 Exhibition «Duo Est»

project space «Understand?»

Verein Bellingva. Immanuelkirchstr. 14, 10405 Berlin

2008 Exhibition «TEARS OF JOY»

Keisersgracht, Amsterdam

2006 Exhibition, gallery Diana Stigter


Street art
2014 «Ich bin ein Berlinator»

Oranienburgerstrasse, Berlin


2019 Luxus Fluxus Kabaret. founder, performer

Geyger Art Gallery, Werkhalle Wiesenburg,  Berlin,

Gallopperiet – The City Museum Of Art, Christiania, Copenhagen

2017  Performance «I hate sleeping»,  Exhibition «Chiasm»

Werkhalle Wiesenburg,  Berlin

2017 -2019 Performans «Music for deaf»

Exhibition «LEIZE JENIUS in the Wiesenburg»

Werkhalle Wiesenburg,  Berlin

2018 Exhibition  «LEIZE JENIUS in Copenhagen»

House of culture Bloomy Hobnob, Copenhagen

2014 Art-musik projekt «Titicaca»  voice, performer, manager

Action in the club  «Hangar 49», Berlin

2013 Performance «FACE NO MORE»

Rijksakademie, Amsterdam & MS Stubnitz-The Ship, Rostock

2012 Performance «Anti music»

Club «Hangar 49» Belin

2010 Performance «Traffic lights». Exhibition «Schwarzgold»

Schloss Beesenstedt, Schloßstraße 31, 06198 Beesenstedt

2009 Performance «Hit me»

Theaterkapelle, Berlin


2012 Rock band «Your last illusion», voice


2011-2012 Rock band «Stukachi», voice


2007  Solo concert, chants of the Valaam monastery

Church Of Saint-Antoine. Chevagny sur Guye, Burgundy, France.

2004-2010 Art-Music Projekt «DAEFA» founder, voice, showman, manager


1996-2004 Independent music producer

Sankt Petersburg, Moscow

1993-1996 Art-music project «Dostoewsky», synthesizer, showman, manager.

Sankt Petersburg, Moscow

1992 Band «Monkey Funky» manager

Sankt Petersburg

1990 Band «Twin cousins» voice

Sankt Petersburg


2010 Theater play by Milena Oda «Please call me servant» actor

Club der polnischen Versager, Berlin

2008 Theater play by Christian von Borries «X Wohnungen» main character, Theater HAU 1, Berlin

1997 Film «Brother» by Aleksei Balabanov. Production company STW Film Co., Sankt Petersburg, actor

2006 Film «PARADISE» by Ramona Welch. Studio Kunstverein Roderhof eV, Germany, actor


1994 International University Goryachev. faculty of Philology, Russian language and literature

Sankt Petersburg

Bathing lady

Fashion of secular society

Matthew 3:16

«As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him.»

Fashion, bird control spike, video, audio

This work invites you to participate in creation of a painting as it was originally conceived. Pliny the Elder claims that painting started with an outline of a shadow, of a projection of a man. His Natural History tells a story of the origins of painting. Ancient Greek girl outlined the shadow of her beloved one before his departure. Plato’s Republic constructs an allegory of a shadow in relation to human cognition. People live their life chained to the wall of a cave and watch shadows projected on the cave wall from things passing in front of a fire behind them. They take projections for reality. Both concepts converge on a role of a projection – in first case, in origins of painting – in second, in origins of cognition. True cognition as well true art start when people go beyond the boundaries of a shadow, beyond projections.

Wolf Song
plastic pipe 
Levy Kozel created a graphic Logo. Wolf Song created a plastic object based on the sketches of the graphic Logo
Performance «Hit me»