Luxus Fluxus Kabaret

Founded in April 2019 in Berlin by Danish poet Mads Parsum from Copenhagen and Russian artist from Berlin Wolf Song

Part of the cabaret regularly participate Mads Parsum (DK), Joe Wiesenburger (DE), Wolf Song (DE), Dennis Tuomi (DE), Thomas Henrikson (SE) .

as well as participate and constantly change different guest artists from around the world

3.04.2019 Geyger Art Gallery, Berlin

10.04.2019 Geyger Art Gallery, Berlin

17.04. 2019 Geyger Art Gallery, Berlin

15.05.2019 Geyger Art Gallery, Berlin

24.05.2019 Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

29.05-13.06.2019 Gallopperiet – The City Museum Of Art, Christiania,


24.07.2019 Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

3.08.2019 Luxus Fluxus Kabaret in Wilder Garten

Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

25.08.2019 Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin