Anton Laiko

Anton Laiko works and live in Berlin.

from 2014 founder and  artist at LEIZE JENIUS

Born in Moscow in 1962

Graduated from School of Mathematics (No.406) for gifted students

Studied literature and cultural history at the Moscow Institute of Culture

Parallel studies for drawing and painting at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute

Studied at School of Technics (No.111) with a diploma in weaving and specialist in tapestry

Private studies with the renowned Russian painter Maxim Kantor

1988  Founding of the artists’ group “5 + 1” with Alexander Sokolov

1988  1-year apprenticeship as a wood carver

1991  First exhibitions in the German cities of Munich, Kassel, Hanover, Cologne & Düsseldorf

1991  Moved residence from Moscow to Düsseldorf

1993 – 1996  Studied at Düsseldorf Academy of Art with Professor Günther Uecker and Magdalena Jetelova as well as Professor I. Kamp


1993 “Closed Exhibitions”, Gallery Annelie Brusten, Wuppertal

1994 “Green Fascism”, Gallery Laden 33, Düsseldorf


1989 “Moscow-Leningrad” (5 + 1), Palace of Youth, Moscow

1990 “Young Soviet Art” (5 + 1), Kassel

1992 “Borderless”, Endowment for Art and Culture e.V., Bonn

1994 “Death Abroad”, Art Association Mehrwert e.V., Aachen

1994 “Lomakitski, Green Fascism”, National Gallery, Finland

1994 “Green Fascism”, National Gallery, Mauritius

1995 “Made in Mauritius”, Art Space, Düsseldorf

1995 “I think on Germany” (with Günther Uecker, Felix Droese and Tim Ulrichs,

Gallery Annalie Brusten, Wuppertal

1995 „Entgrenzt“, Orangerie, Castle Brake, Lemgo

1995 “Workshop Berlin – Moscow II”, Academy of Art, Berlin

1996 “The Holy Ones”, Holy Church of Stefan, Recklinghausen

1996 “Düsseldorf – Andere Orte”, Werretal Hall, Löhne

1996 “Düsseldorf – Andere Orte”, NRW Parliament, Düsseldorf

1997 “Düsseldorf – Andere Orte”, NRW Parliament, Düsseldorf

Artist House, Dortmund

Gallery Münsterland, Emsdetten

BIS Culture Center, Mönchengladbach

2000 “M.A.I.S.”, Culture Bunker, Cologne

2002 “Biennale”, Liverpool

2003 “Trenwände”, Art Space, Düsseldorf

2003 “Paradise”, Alexanderplatz, Berlin

2006 “Happy End in Hell”, Gloria Hall, Düsseldorf

2008 “Tears of Joy”, Keizersgracht 132, Amsterdam

2011 “Give me another culture”, Glashaus, Düsseldorf